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Datasheet SC Series

Dial Size : 2.5″ (63 mm) Watted Material : Brass
Process Connection : 1/4″ Case Material : Stainless Steel
Mounting Connection : Back Measuring Type : High Pressure

    Range : MPa / kPa

0 to 10 MPa (0 to 10000 kPa) 0 to 25 MPa (0 to 25000 kPa) 0 to 60 MPa (0 to 60000 kPa) 0 to 100 MPa (0 to 100000 kPa)
0 to 16 MPa (0 to 16000 kPa) 0 to 40 MPa (0 to 40000 kPa) 0 to 70 MPa (0 to 70000 kPa)


Introduction of SC Series Pressure Gauge

SC Series is a premium design pressure gauge with stainless steel case for extremely vibration application and non-corrosive ambient field condition. Provide with DIN case design and bayonet lock stainless steel case design. Applicable for all type of gasses and liquid that do not attack the cupreous metal sensing element. Suitable for hydraulic systems, compressors, engines, pumps and processing unit where vibration is concern.


Accuracy Class 1.6 Knock-down system back and front flange Restrictor screw standard
Wide range application DIN case, bayonet lock design Excellent vibration resist with liquid filling
Stainless steel case and bezel design Over pressure up to 30% of Full Scale Design scale ranges up to 1000 bar
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